3 Key Documents An Estate Planning Attorney Can Help You With

You do not need to have a large or valuable estate to benefit from the services an estate planning attorney has to offer. In fact, just about every adult should make use of these services to establish a few key documents. You can learn more about each of these important documents below. Last Will And Testament While you may be aware that a will allows you to designate who gets your assets after your death, you may not realize just how important this document is. [Read More]

Quickie Divorce — Why Is It Sometimes Hard To Be Granted A Divorce?

Unfortunately, when a marriage breaks apart, the couple is left dealing with both an emotionally challenging time and the complexities of divorce. And those complexities start long before you have to hash out who gets what. They begin with the basic requirements even to file for a legal divorce.  Why is this so complicated? And how can you make it faster and easier? Here are some answers to your questions.  [Read More]

5 Key Elements In Proving Emotional Distress

When it comes to an injury caused by someone else's negligent actions, physical injuries are not the only thing that victims are left with. Some people are left with mental anguish in the form of emotional distress. Like physical injuries, emotional distress is a compensation-worthy injury, but it is not always as easy to prove. Several elements go into proving this claim. Underlying Cause To succeed in a personal injury claim, you must prove that the specific incident led to distress. [Read More]

Social Security Disability Benefits — Reasons To Hire An Attorney When Applying For Them

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is an important program for workers who become disabled because of an accident or illness. If you need to apply for it, hiring an attorney is smart because they can provide the following type of assistance.  Explain Things That Could Hurt Your Application  Before you start filling out forms for Social Security Disability benefits, you want to know what not to do on your application. A lawyer who specializes in these benefits can fortunately explain pitfalls to you before you do anything else. [Read More]