3 Key Documents An Estate Planning Attorney Can Help You With

You do not need to have a large or valuable estate to benefit from the services an estate planning attorney has to offer. In fact, just about every adult should make use of these services to establish a few key documents. You can learn more about each of these important documents below.

Last Will And Testament

While you may be aware that a will allows you to designate who gets your assets after your death, you may not realize just how important this document is. This is because if you are like many people, you may assume that your assets will automatically transfer to your spouse or children even if you don't have a will. However, the process is not that simple. If you die without a legally binding will in place, your estate will have to go through the probate process before any of your assets can be distributed. This means that your loved ones could need to wait months or even years before they can benefit from your estate or even have access to funds they may need for your burial costs. Having an estate planning attorney help you to draft and file a last will and testament will ensure that your wishes are honored and that your family is not subjected to this lengthy process in their time of grief.

Living Will

A living will is a very important document because it allows you to express your wishes regarding a variety of medical decisions. For instance, a living will allows you to give an advanced directive regarding the use of life support. If you are ever seriously injured or become ill and are unable to make important medical decisions in the moment, your living will ensures that medical professionals act according to your wishes rather than allowing your next of kin to make these decisions for you. A living will can also be a gift to your loved ones because it prevents them from needing to make difficult decisions such as whether or not you would want to be left on life support for an extended period of time. 

Power Of Attorney

If you are ever seriously injured or ill, medical decisions are just one type of decision that will need to be made. Decisions regarding your finances and other personal matters may also be required. In this situation, having a designated power of attorney will ensure that someone you trust has the power to make and execute these decisions. An estate planning attorney can help you to choose the right person for this important job and draft the necessary documents appointing them with the power of attorney in the event this legal power is ever required. 

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