Were You Unlawfully Dismissed? Why You Need A Wrongful Termination Attorney

Everyone is happy when they get a good job or secure a stable position in a reputable organization or company. It allows you to apply your skills and even advance them to increase your value. Unfortunately, your relationship with the employer could get hostile, meaning you could even lose your job. Of course, losing a job you really struggled to get can be very devastating. However, losing it based on unfounded reasons makes the situation worse and more frustrating. If the employer fires you without severance pay, notice, or explaining the cause, you should seek to know why they unlawfully or wrongfully terminated your employment contract. And since you can't successfully fight back without legal help, you should hire a wrongful termination attorney for these three reasons.

They Determine Whether You Were Lawfully Dismissed

The employer should serve notice before terminating your contract because lawful terminations are allowed. However, it's usually wrong for the employer to dismiss you without serving you notice in good time. So the first wrongful termination attorney's task is checking if notice was served before your dismissal. They also consider several other things to determine if your wrongful dismissal claim is valid. The employer may have good reasons for dismissing or firing you, but they should always do it within the provided legal framework. If they don't, you can claim you were unlawfully dismissed and demand compensation through your lawyer's help.

They Help You Understand Your Rights

As an employee, you are entitled to certain rights. Unfortunately, they could be violated without your knowledge. Most employees don't know that their employment contract should be terminated within the statutory notice provisions. So hiring a wrongful termination attorney is critical because they help you know if the employer followed the correct legal process when terminating it. They also help you understand the other factors the employer should have considered before firing you. Moreover, the lawyer explains your compensation options based on your situation.

They Help Evaluate the Employer's Offer

Your employer may have served you reasonable notice, but this might not be all they should do when dismissing you. They may even offer you a severance or termination package, which might be appealing in your eyes. However, you shouldn't accept it or sign any document before getting legal advice from a wrongful termination attorney. The lawyer reviews the package to determine if it's fair and worth taking. The severance package may include only the salary, but it should also include other benefits and bonuses.

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