Restricted To A Wheelchair: How You Can Get Approved For SSDI Benefits

Did injuries from a bad car accident leave you permanently in a wheelchair? If you lost your job due to being unable to perform your duties, you may qualify for social security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits. Below, learn how being constricted to a wheelchair may give you the rights to SSDI benefits and how a lawyer can help you with the application process.

How Can Someone Restricted to a Wheelchair Qualify for SSDI Benefits?

One of the requirements for qualifying for SSDI benefits is having a condition that is expected to last a long time. Permanent restriction to a wheelchair meets that requirement, and also interferes with your ability to get another job. Although there are some jobs that can be worked while sitting down, you are not obligated to get one if you don't want to.

The main thing you will have to do for approval is prove that you are actually disabled, as sitting in a wheelchair is not enough evidence. You will have to get an official document from your physician that details why you are restricted to a wheelchair. Details in the medical document should include how you sustained the injury.

Is Hiring a Lawyer Necessary to Apply for SSDI Benefits?

You are not required to hire a lawyer to apply for SSDI benefits. However, you will have a smoother application process with a lawyer (like those from the Craig H Kline Law Office) handling everything on your behalf. All of the documents will be turned in to the Social Security Administration in your area. If for some reason your application is denied, you will have the ability to contest it by attending a hearing. A lawyer will be able to speak during the hearing and present solid evidence that proves you deserve SSDI benefits.

You can expect to pay your lawyer an hourly rate that can average up to $500 for his or her services. However, the process of getting SSDI benefits should not take long with the legal expertise of a lawyer. He or she will not turn in your application for benefits until a sufficient of evidence is gathered that should almost guarantee that you are approved. It is a higher possibility that applying on your own will not end up in your favor.

It can be hard even doing something as simple as taking a shower when restricted to a wheel chair. Allow a lawyer to help you get SSDI benefits so you won't have to worry about getting a job that is hard because you are disabled!